Norma’s HaKol Article

Temple Beth El Religious School May 2020 Update

Norma James

Parents: I have written this article in a voice that lends itself to being read to or read by your children.  Please share it with them.

The month of May has NOT been Canceled! Yes, we are still here, but everything works in a different way.  In a world where everything is changing by the day, I am not sure what new things will be happening in May.  What I do know is that our parents are taking excellent care of our children.  Our teachers and madrichim miss seeing our children.  Everyone is learning new ways to connect with each other and keep a safe distance.  Judaism does not stop just because we are separated from each other. There are many ways to connect to our Jewish Community.  We are all still here for you anytime you need us!

Here are some Temple Beth El and Religious School activities you can do:

Attend Shabbat service with Rabbi Boxt and Norma every Friday at 7:00 on Zoom or on Facebook.  You can watch it live or see the recording.  No need to dress up for services, pajamas, yoga pants, or track suits are perfectly fine. 

Attend Havdalah with Rabbi and Norma every Saturday evening on Zoom and FaceBook.  (Check the website for times.)

Contact Norma for a FaceTime Family Visit. This are short visits that can happen most any time of the day, whatever works with the family’s schedule.  If you don’t have FaceTime, we can use a different tool such as Zoom to connect.  I have enjoyed seeing our children and getting a chance to talk to them.  I love seeing the parents and finding out what their family is doing to pass the time.

Contact Norma for Hebrew Lessons on FaceTime or Zoom.  I am working with my B’nai Mitzvah students, but I have added in sessions with my sixth graders as well.  I would be very happy to have a private session with your child or your children together even if it is just Aleph Bet practice. 

Zoom Hangouts with Norma are available for RS classes.  We can have Hebrew lesson, or listen to stories, or discuss what’s going on in the world.  Let’s try this an see what happens!

ISJL Activities by grade level are available. SEE Rena’s letter BELOW

Hi Students and teachers of Temple Beth El,

I wanted to let you know we at ISJL have released a collection of resources to keep us connected during these unprecedented and challenging times. You can find these at: We will continue to provide more resources as time goes on, such as more educational elements, playlists, and virtual Southern Jewish heritage tour experiences. We are trying to continue to do as much as we can in order to continue our support of each and every one of our partners.

Best and be well,

Rena Lubin

Education Fellow 2019-2021