Norma’s HaKol Article

Temple Beth El Religious School July 2019 Update

Norma James

Put August 11th on your calendar for First Day Celebration and Cookout at TBE 9:30-12:00.


Religious School begins Sunday, August 11th, and Midweek classes start Wednesday, August 21st.

Our school is really growing!  Throughout this last school year, we gained several new families. We now have even more families joining our school.  Many are families with young children. Missy Noon has been a fabulous membership chair and has made personal contacts and hosted potential members at Religious School and family-oriented events. I have had the privilege of meeting with most of our new families and look forward to reaching out to others. Every parent I have met has been awesome, and the children are amazing.  We already have a wonderful group of students, a loving staff, and the most supportive, energetic parents. How lucky are we!  I find myself reinvigorated to make this coming year the best year ever.

Rabbi Erin and Norma James attend annual ISJL Education Conference. Rabbi and Norma represented TBE at the June ISJL Education Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. This will be our 15th year as ISJL partners with this amazing organization!  We look forward to sharing what we learned at this excellent conference with our School and Youth Committee and our staff. Our students benefit greatly from this partnership and the outstanding Fellows that we work with every year. Actually, our entire congregation benefit because our Fellows participate in Shabbat services and can lead adult education program as well as the wonderful work they do with our students. We would not be able to have this important partnership without support from our Endowed Funds, which pays our costs for this program.

We will continue online RS registration this year.   Our online registration was very successful last year.  We will continue to improve the online process that allows our parents to sign up, and even pay before they school starts.  The record keeping process for are school is much easier as well.  I will send out an email to review the process for our parents.

Exciting Changes in our Hebrew Program! Our children are making great strides in their Hebrew, and we are continuing to improve our Hebrew program. Norma has mailed a special letter to all parent regarding our new program. Contact Norma for more details.

Thomas Theriot becomes Bar Mitzvah Saturday, August 3rd at 10:00: Join us for a happy way to celebrate the ending of summer vacation as Thomas Theriot is called to the Torah this August. While our other students have been enjoying their summer break, Thomas has been hard at work preparing for leading this service, reading Torah, and preparing his D’var.  Thomas follows his sister Grace as the second Theriot to become B’nai Mitzvah.  Thomas is the son of Matthew and Emily and brother to Grace and Lucy.  Alex has been an excellent student in our religious school and plans to continue his Jewish education through Confirmation.  He is an avid student of Karate.  Thomas has is working with his Torah coach, Norma James, and of course with Rabbi Erin to prepare for this important service. The Theriot family invites you to join them for Shabbat evening service at 7:00 as they host the oneg, and Saturday morning service at 10:00.  Please note the times for both of these services.  Remember that all congregants are welcome at B’nai Mitzvah services.

Religious School Teachers and the School & Youth Committee will have a joint workshop August 4th. This summer workshop is vital to our preparations for Religious School.  Norma will send out additional details to the staff.  There is a possibility that an additional meeting with School and Youth and available teacher will occur in July.  Watch for emails from Norma.

Join us at Temple August 11th for our opening day celebration!  Our first day of school will be really exciting.  There will be programming for students and for parents followed by a cookout on the patio.