Funds of Temple Beth El

Through the generosity of those that came before us, many special activities and events at Temple Beth El are possible. The following list of Endowed Funds reflects the spirit of past and present members who understood the importance of continued support of Temple Beth El. The categories of funds are Perpetual, Jewish Life & Cultural, Religious Life & Building, and Jewish Education. Please consider supporting these funds in whatever way is possible.

There are also several ways to support the needs of the congregation:

  1. Contributions to the General Operating Fund can be used for any day-to-day or budgeted expenses of the Temple.
  2. Special Gifts can be used for a specific purpose to support any type of Temple activity, program or equipment. A list of suggested items needed by the Temple at any particular time is available in the Temple office. Special gifts are purchased through the Temple office to insure compatibility with the needs and infrastructure of the Temple. This also includes specific on-going funds: Caring Committee, Library, Library Art Gallery and Religious School
  3. The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund provides assistance to those in need.
  4. The work of the Sisterhood is far reaching and supports various Temple activities and projects and administers the Beiler Floral Fund, which provides flowers for the pulpit at worship services. Flowers are later sent to those who are ill or suffered a recent loss.
  5. The use of Life Insurance and Special Bequests is also a meaningful way to incorporate Temple Beth El as part of any long term giving.

Any specific questions can be answered by the Chair of Funds Financial Committee.

Please contact the Temple office for further assistance.
(865) 524-3521

Perpetual Funds

Temple Beth El Preservation Fund – supports the needs of Temple Beth El to preserve Reform Judaism in Knoxville. It supports activities not covered by existing endowed funds.

Temple Beth El Endowment Fund – provides for capital expenditures and major maintenance costs; it functions as a building fund.

Life Membership Fund – proceeds from previously granted life memberships that can be used for needs of the congregation. These memberships are still available at the approval of the Temple Board.

Temple Beth El Cemetery Trust Fund – provides for the maintenance and supervision of the cemeteries owned by Temple Beth El.

Jewish Life and Cultural Funds

Erma Gerson Community Fund – recognizes the efforts of community programs devoted to enhancing the life of individuals in our community and provides gifts to such agencies or organizations.

Millie and Samuel Gelber Cultural Enrichment Fund of Temple Beth El – maintains, enhances, and supplements Temple cultural activities and programs.

Stanley and Elise Levy Enrichment Fund – to enrich the lives of members of Temple Beth El and to provide for special or unanticipated needs of the congregation.

Del Moro Family Special Needs Caring Fund – continues and supplements the mission of the Temple Beth El Caring Committee. This fund aids individuals in special circumstances or extraordinary needs as requested by the Caring Committee.

Religious Life and Building Funds

Clarence Strasburger Memorial Sacred Music Fund – provides for works of sacred music and equipment related to music or repair of it.

Gelber Family Rabbinic Fund – provides for the educational, spiritual, cultural, congregational and community needs of the Rabbi of Temple Beth El.

Jacob and Bettie Reich Family Memorial Fund – supplements the Temple budget for administrative expenses and operations of the Temple office.

Licht Prayer Book Fund – provides prayer books, songsters, Haggadahs, Bibles, etc.

Goldberger Memorial Sanctuary Fund – maintains and enhances the sanctuary, its ceremonial items and appurtenances.

Patio and Grounds Fund – provides for the beautification of our patio and Temple grounds.

Jewish Education Funds

Beiler Miscellaneous Library Shelves Fund – provides new books to the library. Funds in memory of Hermina Beiler, Hanna and Rudolph Bertram, and Charles and Yetta Konigsberg are maintained to purchase books and other library items.

The Fribourg-Brunschwig Holocaust Memorial Education and Observance Fund In memory of our grandparents and other members of our families who were murdered during the 1933–1945 period, the purpose of this Fund is to pay for or supplement observances and educational activities to commemorate the historical events of the 1933–1945 years in Europe, its consequences and after-maths, known collectively as the Shoah (known in English as the Holocaust), as well as any other historical, current or future event or activity in the world which, by word or action, discriminates or persecutes persons of the Jewish faith for their beliefs, values, or ethical teachings. The monies of the Fund may be directed to Jewish or non-Jewish not-for-profit organizations or educational institutions primarily targeting East Tennessee.

Hermina Beiler Educational Capital Improvement Memorial Fund of Temple Beth El -provides funds to maintain, expand, and enhance educational activities and programs of Temple Beth El.

Harry and Matilda Davis and Herbert Louis Davis Educational Enhancement Memorial Fund of Temple Beth El – helps to maintain, enhance, and supplement educational activities and programs of Temple Beth El, and helps to provide religious school scholarships.

Gelber Winner’s Circle Fund – provides for enrichment programs for the youth of Temple Beth El, enhancing the spiritual, religious, and cultural life of our children from preschool age through college age.

Jay and Matilda Goodfriend Do Not Forget Fund for Holocaust Education – provides funding for educational events, programs, or memorials in the community to help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive among young people and the community. Funds are also provided for educational programs to prevent hatred and promote peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

Lester Popkin Memorial Campership and Scholarship Fund – contributes to the growth of personal Jewish identity by children, religious school age through college age.

Licht Youth Fund – provides older children of Temple Beth El, high school and college age youth, with the opportunity of learning traditions, ideals, ethics, and beliefs of Reform Judaism, so as to enhance the meaning of Judaism in their lives.

Marx Family Education Fund – supports religious education programs for youth and adults of Temple Beth El, and helps provide religious school scholarships.

Rona Simon Israel Scholarship Fund – provides monies for high school students, 10th grade and above, desirous of joining an Israel trip sanctioned by any official committee or governing body of Temple Beth El.