Memorial Boards

The Temple Beth El Memorial Tablets
A Way to Remember a Special Loved One

As you enter our sanctuary, you will see The Temple Beth El Memorial Tablets, located on both the east
and west walls. When attending a service or ceremony in our sanctuary, or anytime you might choose to
enter the sanctuary, the presence of the Memorial Tablets offers a way to reflect upon loved ones who
are no longer with us.

Entered on the Tablets are Yahrzeit Plaques. Each Plaque commemorates the life
of a person who has special meaning to those who have made a donation for its purchase.
Yahrzeit Plaques can be added to the Tablets by any Temple Beth El member at any time. The name of a
loved one, family member or friend will be engraved on the Yahrzeit Plaque and entered onto the
Memorial Tablet when you choose to make a request and donation for its purchase. Each year, at the
date of the person’s yahrzeit, a light by the plaque is lit in remembrance.

The donation for a plaque is $500.00. If you would like to reserve a space or a series of spaces, the
donation per space is $550.00. Individuals remembered with a plaque will automatically be listed in the
Memorial Book published for Yom Kippur each year. Donations are deposited in the Temple Beth El
General Operating Fund.

As always, Temple Beth El is supremely grateful for your donations. Support
for the operation of Temple Beth El is an ongoing challenge. What better way to both care for Temple
Beth El and to commemorate a loved one than to purchase a Yahrzeit Plaque for our Memorial Tablets?

To request a plaque, please contact the Temple Office to receive the information/order form. When an
order is placed, the donor will have an opportunity to express preference for placement location of the
plaque(s). For more information, you may contact the Ritual and Worship Committee Chair, Susan Baker.