Learner’s Minyan



Please join us for a Learners’ Minyan with a theme of ‘Leadership’ on Saturday, August 23rd at 10:30 AM. A Shabbat Service led by Rabbi Michaels and guest Rachel Meytin of Panim/BBYO, Inc. will be followed by a text study and lunch. All congregants are encouraged to attend this program sponsored by The Board of Directors and the Ritual and Worship Committee.



Rachel E. Meytin is the Director of Panim and Jewish Enrichment at BBYO, Inc. Since joining PANIM in 2004 and BBYO in 2009, Rachel has worked with thousands of teens and professionals, helping them make the connection between Judaism and social justice. Rachel loves teaching and training rofessionals: in 2007 she developed an intensive 5-day training program for Jewish service-learning professionals, through which she has trained more than 75 professionals. Rachel currently coordinates the national Directors of Jewish Enrichment program for BBYO. Rachel holds an MAEd and an MBA from American Jewish University in Los Angeles and a BA from Boston University as well as graduate-level advanced certification in service-learning through NYLC and the University of Wisconsin.