Instructions for ZOOM / FACEBOOK

ZOOM Instructions

1. If you have a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can download the app in advance.
2. If not, no worries! There are other options!
You are either able to call in using a landline/cell phone or video conference in via a computer/phone/iPad with a camera. Both options are listed below.

To call in:
1. Under, DIAL BY LOCATION, call the number below that says NEW YORK (meaning East Coast). You will then have to enter the Meeting ID.

To video conference:
1. Click link  that says JOIN ZOOM MEETING.
2. Something will pop up to download ZOOM (allow it).
3. Once downloaded, the meeting should open. Please make sure to check off “Use Computer Audio”.

In both instances, if you are able, please make sure to mute yourself so the noise doesn’t come through the speakers into the class. On laptops/smartphones/tablets, there is a mute button. On the video conference, there is a mute button on the bottom left corner of the video screen. On landlines, there is not really a way to mute!

Facebook Instructions
​You do not need a Facebook account to watch/see our Facebook page, but you do need one to interact with the videos!
​If you have a Facebook account, make sure to follow our page. That way, every time we go live, you should get a notification about it.
​You can always check on there if we have posted any updates, recorded videos, etc.