Get Involved


You can get involved in one or more of Temple Beth El’s many committees, activities, learning opportunities and more.

TBE  Standing  Committees

We call them “committees”, but they are really just groups of congregants who care, who are willing to put in some time, who want to be part of what makes Temple Beth El a vibrant congregation. Some committees manage routine matters while others plan major events. Every committee needs people who can give a little or a lot, occasionally or regularly. Many strong friendships have had their beginnings in these committees. Some require special talents; some need only a willing heart. For more information or to express interest, please call the Temple office or contact the committee chair directly.

Committee Descriptions

Adult Education Committee:
Sponsors educational activities and programs for the adult members of our congregation and community.

Caring Committee:
Strives to reach out to congregants who are ill, recovering from surgery,  or recently bereaved. Our caring committee providers contribute food for home deliveries and at Shiva Minyan receptions. A Meal of Condolence is offered to the family following a funeral.

Cemetery Committee:
Has responsibility for general supervision and management of the cemetery properties. This includes maintaining records, determining policy, and handling financial aspects of all matters related to the use and upkeep of the cemeteries.

Funds Financial Committee:
Has responsibility for general fiscal management of the principal of all capital funds and approves any expenditure.

House and Property Committee:
Has responsibility for all matters related to the building and grounds. This includes upkeep and décor of the building and grounds, the policies, and expenses related to such, and the supervision of custodial and grounds personnel.

Humanities and Social Justice Committee:
Works to keep the congregation informed and active regarding any issues of social injustice or community problems, as well as overseeing inter-religious activities.

Library Committee:
Is responsible for the Temple Library, the acquisition and circulation policies, and general supervision of its maintenance.

Long Range Planning Committee:
Looks to the future of the congregation, consults with the Board, the Committees, and the congregation members, and makes recommendations for actions to be considered.

Membership Committee:
Welcomes prospective members and promotes activities related to increasing and preserving membership.

Ritual and Worship Committee:
Working closely with the rabbi, evaluates the experience of worship at Temple Beth El, makes recommendations, and reviews changes to our services. This committee has programmatic responsibility for the choir and cantor, and for all services. The committee also has responsibility for the Memorial Tablets and Yahrzeit records, and for funds related to these.

School and Youth Committee:
Working in cooperation with the Rabbi and the Religious School Director, establishes all general policy regarding school and youth programs and their funding.

Social Committee:
Initiates and promotes activities and programs designed to meet the social needs of all members.

Ways and Means Committee:
Has responsibility for the income and expenses of the Temple, including budgets, schedules of dues, and fundraising activities.